A “golden” propeller decorating Hamburg's HafenCity

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Propeller in front of the International Maritime Museum, Hamburg, Germany

A giant four-bladed propeller in front of the International Maritime Museum
in the HafenCity quarter of Hamburg, Germany (February 27, 2013)

This Blohm+Voss propeller is a donation of the Finnish Wärtsilä Corporation. The size of the propeller can be guesstimated by looking at the tail of the car parked on the right. The background contains the red brick stone facade of the lower storeys of the International Maritime Museum (Internationales Maritimes Museum), which is located near Hansjörg Wagner's Claas Störtebeker statue. This bronze sculpture is separated from the propeller by a short walk over the Busan Bridge (Busanbrücke), crossing the water between the Brooktorhafen and the Magdeburger Hafen.

Museum of Arts & Crafts Alsterarkaden Alsterfleet and Ballindamm Ellerntorsbruecke over Herrengrabenfleet Inner Alster Lake, downtown Hamburg Map with Kehrwiederspitze and Elbphilharmie site