Inner Alster Lake within Hamburg's historic cityscape

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Binnenalster, Hamburg, Germany

View from the terrace between the Kunsthalle Hamburg and the Galerie der Gegenwart
across the intersection Ballindamm/Glockengießerwall towards the Binnenalster
lake and the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten (February 27, 2013)

The Binnenalster is an artificial lake formed by the river Alster within the historic downtown area of the city of Hamburg in northern Germany. Binnen means inside—inside the old city walls, in this case. The Binnenalster is connected with the river Elbe via the Alsterfleet canal passing along the Alsterarkaden.

Museum of Arts & Crafts Alsterarkaden Alsterarkaden Ellerntorsbruecke over Herrengrabenfleet Central Railway Station, Hamburg, Germany Spray-painted wall off the streets in Hamburg's HafenCity