Nevada's longest-running theater: Reno Little Theater (RLT)

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RLT's Pueblo Street facade
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Do you see the letters R L T ?

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West-facing side of theater building
Entrance of the Reno Little Theater (RLT)

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Theater entrance at the southwest corner
Reno Little Theater, 147 E. Pueblo St., Reno, NV 89502 []

In early 2012 the Reno Little Theater (RLT) opened its doors to the new facility shown above. As a premiere Reno arts institution and an amazing community theater, RLT showcases high-quality performances at its new home. It serves as an activity hub for educational, artistic, and outreach efforts [see new RLT]. Inside the December 2013 program brochure for the quickly-sold-out, Sherlock-Holmes-inspired play “The Game's Afoot; or Holmes for the Holidays” by playwright Ken Ludwig, I found RLT's mission statement:

Reno Little Theater's mission is to produce high-quality theatrical experiences that inspire, entertain, and enrich our diverse community. As Nevada's longest-running theater, we honor tradition, while encouraging innovation, creativity and community participation in the magic of theater.

RLT was founded in 1935 by Ed Semenza: performances took place at various locations until the theater found its new home between South Wells and Holcomb Avenue in Reno's Midtown district [see RLT construction]. You may overlook the theater while coming along the first time. Once you have figured out the theater's acronym above the front-side lobby windows alongside Pueblo Street, you won't forget it. And most memorable and rewarding, RTL's crew and actors present unforgettable shows.

The exterior of the theater building looks modern and abstract. Inside you'll find warm and beautiful spaces, art-gallery walls and a cozy concession area: plan on visiting one of their Thirsty Thursday performances! The “black-box” room with the stage and seating area is little, indeed: the first-row seats are hugging the stage on three sides. You are feeling like you are part of the play. During the recent Sherlock Holmes mystery comedy, which I saw, the actors melted into their characters and the audience melted into play & plot.

RLT contact information and directions: About RLT.