Oxbow Nature Study Area in Reno

The Oxbow Nature Study Area is a small riparian park located about two miles west of downtown Reno between railroad tracks and the Truckee River. The park includes an interpretive center, an observation deck at the Truckee River, a pond (named Beaver Pond) with an overlook, and short trails between cottonwood trees and other trees and brushes. Inhabitants are beavers, muskrats, minks, striped skunks, Garter Snakes, and American Bullfrogs. The park is a bird sanctuary: for example, woodpeckers, Western Scrub Jays, brush piles, red-winged blackbirds, and Cooper's Hawks can be spotted.

The park has been victim to fires and floods (not at the same time) in the past. Restoration and rebuilding efforts thanks to the Nevada Department of Wildlife and the Nevada Division of Forestry keep the park alive and accessible to the public.

Brochures are usually available in the park. Prior to your visit, you may want to look online at the Oxbow Nature Study Area park map.

Getting there: On Interstate 80 take the Keystone Ave exit (Exit 12) and continue south on Keystone Avenue. Pass the intersection Keystone Avenue/West Fourth Street and turn right at the next intersection. Drive all the way to the end of Dickerson Road into the park and find parking space near the Oxbow Office building.

Information of interest:
Flood: New Year's Day Flood of 1998
Fire: Partly reopening after April Fire of 2008

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