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Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company, located at 713 S. Virginia St. between St. Lawrence Ave. and Cheney St. (January 2014)

Midtown Reno comprises a colorful spectrum of historic buildings, bars, restaurants, shops and creative sites. Among the new and innovative places is the Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company, which is a little local theater running shows that “range across the board - drama, classics, comedy & musicals” [arts4nevada].

The red-brick building is located some blocks northwest of the new home of Nevada's longest running theater, the Reno Little Theater, and a few blocks southwest of the Discovery Museum—two institutions that combine education and entertainment in different ways. While the museum is a having-a-great-time place for children, the Good Luck Macbeth Theater offers inspiring events for both children and grown-ups. For example, the recently performed play Danny and The Deep Blue Sea (January 2014)—according to a theater handout, “a foul mouthed romantic fairytale with bloody knuckles”—is targeting an audience that doesn't mind strong language and finds enjoyment in following “a violent yet beautiful dance of hate, life and love.” Danny and Roberta, convincingly acted by Chase McKenna and Lachlan McKinney, meet as two damaged souls in a rundown bar in the Bronx and oddly emerge into an unforeseen relationship—leaving their haunted past behind and developing some hope for a new tomorrow.

The small size of the Good Luck Macbeth Theater with less than 50 seats makes it the perfect venue for intimate meetings beyond stage play, including “good old” slide presentations of travel adventures and other exciting topics.

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Address at door of Good Luck Macbeth Theater Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company
713 South Virginia Street
Reno, Nevada 89501

Next to the coffee shop at the corner
of St. Lawrence Ave. and S. Virginia St.

Phone: (775) 322-3716