1,1,3,3-Tetramethylguanidinium lactate

Molecular formula: C8H19N3O3
Molar mass: 205.26 g·mol-1

S. Zhang, X. Yuan, Y. Chen and X. Zhang
Solubilities of CO2 in 1-Butyl-3-methylimidazolium Hexafluorophosphate and 1,1,3,3-Tetramethylguanidium Lactate at Elevated Pressures
J. Chem. Eng. DataYear: 2005Volume: 50Pages: 1582-1585.
Keywords: Solubilities, CO2 binaries, elevated pressures, stirred cell
DOI: 10.1021/je050046d
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jced/2005v50/i05/je050046d.xml

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