Molecular formula: C24H18
Molar mass: 306.41 g·mol-1

W. Hanshaw, M. Nutt and J. S. Chickos
Hypothetical Thermodynamic Properties. Subcooled Vaporization Enthalpies and Vapor Pressures of Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons
J. Chem. Eng. DataYear: 2008Volume: 53Pages: 1903-1913.
DOI: 10.1021/je800300x
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jced/2008v53/i08/je800300x.xml
M. A. V. Ribeiro da Silva, M. J. S. Monte and L. M. N. B. F. Santos
The design, construction, and testing of a new Knudsen effusion apparatus
J. Chem. Thermodyn.Year: 2006Volume: 38Pages: 778-787.
Keywords: Effusion apparatus, Knudsen effusion, Vapour pressures, Enthalpy of sublimation, Entropy of sublimation
DOI: 10.1016/j.jct.2005.08.013
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jct/2006v38/i06/j.jct.2005.08.013.xml
M. A. V. Ribeiro da Silva, L. M. N. B. F. Santos and L. M. S. S. M. S. S. ]. Lima
Thermodynamic study of 1,2,3-triphenylbenzene and 1,3,5-triphenylbenzene
J. Chem. Thermodyn.Year: 2010Volume: 42Pages: 134-139.
Keywords: Microcalorimetry, Mini-bomb, Knudsen effusion, Vapour pressure, Enthalpy of combustion, Enthalpy of sublimation, Enthalpy of formation, Triphenylbenzene, Terphenyl, PI PI interaction, Polyphenyl
DOI: 10.1016/j.jct.2009.07.022
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/ThermoML/10.1016/j.jct.2009.07.022.xml

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