1-Methyl-3-octylimidazolium chloride

Molecular formula: C12H23ClN2
Molar mass: 230.78 g·mol-1
CAS registry number: 64697-40-1

M. H. Ghatee and A. R. Zolghadr
Surface tension measurements of imidazolium-based ionic liquids at liquid vapor equilibrium
Fluid Phase Equilib.Year: 2008Volume: 263Pages: 168-175.
Keywords: Capillary rise method, Imidazolium-based ionic liquids, Salts of chloride, Iodide, Hexafluorophosphate, Tetrafluoroborate, Surface tension measurement at liquid vapor equilibrium, Surface entropy, Surface energy
DOI: 10.1016/j.fluid.2007.10.004
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/ThermoML/fpe/j.fluid.2007.10.004.xml
E. J. Gonzalez, L. Alonso and A. Dominguez
Physical Properties of Binary Mixtures of the Ionic Liquid 1-Methyl-3-octylimidazolium Chloride with Methanol, Ethanol, and 1-Propanol at T = (298.15, 313.15, and 328.15) K and at P ) 0.1 MPa
J.Chem.Eng.DataYear: 2006Volume: 51Pages: 1446-1452.
DOI: 10.1021/je060123k
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jced/2006v51/i04/je060123k.xml
E. Gomez, B. Gonzalez, A. Dominguez, E. Tojo and J. Tojo
Dynamic Viscosities of a Series of 1-Alkyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride Ionic Liquids and Their Binary Mixtures with Water at Several Temperatures
J. Chem. Eng. DataYear: 2006Volume: 51Pages: 696-701.
Keywords: dynamic viscosities, ionic liquids and binary mixtures
DOI: 10.1021/je050460d
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jced/2006v51/i02/je050460d.xml
T. M. Letcher, N. Deenadayalu, B. Soko, D. Ramjugernath and P. K. Naicker
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J. Chem. Eng. DataYear: 2003Volume: 48Pages: 904-907.
Keywords: ternary liquid-liquid equilibria, 1-methyl-3-octylimidazolium chloride, heptane, dodecane, hexadecane, methanol, ethanol,
DOI: 10.1021/je025629r
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jced/2003v48/i04/je025629r.xml
A. Arce, O. Rodriguez and A. Soto
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J. Chem. Eng. DataYear: 2004Volume: 49Pages: 514-517.
Keywords: Ionic Liquid, LLE, TAEE, ethanol, correlation
DOI: 10.1021/je0302147
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jced/2004v49/i03/je0302147.xml
S. Fendt, S. Padmanabhan, H. W. Blanch and J. M. Prausnitz
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DOI: 10.1021/je1007235
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/ThermoML/10.1021/je1007235.xml
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Phase Diagram Data for Several Salt + Salt Aqueous Biphasic Systems at 298.15 K
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DOI: 10.1021/je7000478
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jced/2007v52/i04/je7000478.xml
N. Calvar, E. Gomez, B. Gonzalez and A. Dominguez
Experimental Determination, Correlation, and Prediction of Physical Properties of the Ternary Mixtures Ethanol + Water with 1-Octyl-3-methylimidazolium Chloride and 1-Ethyl-3-methylimidazolium Ethylsulfate
J. Chem. Eng. DataYear: 2007Volume: 2007Pages: 2529-2535.
DOI: 10.1021/je700318e
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/journals/jced/2007v52/i06/je700318e.xml
T. Singh and A. Kumar
Thermodynamics of dilute aqueous solutions of imidazolium based ionic liquids
J. Chem. Thermodyn.Year: 2011Volume: 43Pages: 958-965.
Keywords: Ionic liquids, Apparent molar volume, Compressibility, Viscosity, Hydration
DOI: 10.1016/j.jct.2011.01.013
ThermoML: http://trc.nist.gov/ThermoML/10.1016/j.jct.2011.01.013.xml

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