Built in a harsh environment: Point Reyes Lighthouse

Point Reyes Lighthouse

Once warning mariners of danger, now visited by tourists

There is a good chance that you may visit the Point Reyes Lighthouse on a wet day, with water dripping from the cypresses that you are passing on your way to the visitor center—before walking down all the stairs to the historic landmark. Despite drip water, freshwater is scarce around the lighthouse. In the past, lighthouse keepers collected rainwater. Since the average annual rainfall is less than farther inland, water shortage on this ocean-surrounded rock peninsula was common and lightkeepers had to buy water from nearby ranchers. Survival on the windblown rocks is a challenge, which not only was experienced by lightkeepers, but still is by plants. Look around and you will see some plant species withstanding the dry condition caused by salt spray, strong winds and unstable soil.
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