Little Washoe Lake in northwestern Nevada

Little Washoe Lake

View across Little Washoe Lake with Carson Range peaks in the background

Little Washoe Lake and Washoe Lake are shallow lakes located between the Carson Range and Virginia Range. The lake bodies and surrounding wetlands provide a home for diverse wildlife in the frequently wind-plagued Washoe Valley. Water-loving plants growing around the Washoe Lakes—including cattail, bulrush and willow—were harvested by Washoe Indians to make baskets. Locals and visitors come to recreate at Little Washoe Lake. Boating, fishing, bird-watching, beachcombing and hiking are common activities. Unfortunalety, lake fish keeps containing high levels of mercury, as a “Health Advisory” panel warns, and should not be eaten. An east-side lake trail connects the northeast parking area with the Scripps Parking Area and nearby spots of Washoe Lake State Park. Everywhere along this path you will have spectacular views of Slide Mountain and other peaks of the Carson Range, which feeds the Washoe Lakes with water.
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