Silhouette of tourists overlooking the caldera of Crater Lake

Sinnott Memorial Overlook

Wizard Island taking center stage in front of a silhouette of overlookers

Descending a stone staircase down the caldera cliff behind the visitor center, next to the Crater Lake Lodge, you will arrive at the Sinnott Memorial Overlook. This out-of-sight observation station was planned and built, like most of the Rim Village structures, during the late 1920s and early 1930s. Then as now, visitors here are turning into spectators, overviewing the scene of an earth-shattering event of the past―the cataclysmic eruption and collapse of the Mount Mazama volcano over 7,000 years ago. Through the silhouette of curious overlookers, we catch a glimpse of the deep blue water, which fills the deepest lake in North America and surrounds Wizard Island. Separating the overlooker silhouette and the caldera space is a rail panorama of illustrative panels complementing and explaining what you are seeing or haven't seen yet. The Sinnot Overlook also features a relief map of Crater Lake National Park and various locality-dedicated exhibits. In summer, ranger talks followed by a question-and-answer session are offered.

The Sinnott Overlook, also known as the Sinnott Viewing Area, is named after Nicholas John Sinnott (1870-1929), a politician from The Dalles, Oregon, who served in the United States House of Representatives from 1913 to 1928.
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