More than a century old: the Olivina Winery

Old Olivina Winery

Winery ruins near Livermore, designated by the state of California as a Point of Historical Interest in 2008

The ruins of the old Olivina Winery are found within the boundaries of Sycamore Grove Park, next to the Winery Loop Trail between an active vineyard and an olive orchard. The historic buildings—or what is left of the partially collapsed structure—are over hundred years old. The unsafe area is fenced off. You may see roasting owls, prowling bobcats or other animals behind the broken walls and among the rubble. The interpretive panels between the winery and distillery display historic pictures of the Olivina estate. They also inform us that from the late 1880s until 1904, Olivina was the largest wine producer in the region. Additionally, brandies and olive oil were produced here. The estate name, Olivina, is a portmanteau, blending the words olive and vine and appending the vowel a such that the name easily rolls off the tongue. Branding your company by a telling and memorable name has always been a powerful approach to conquer the marketplace.
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Livermore, California