A gaze-directing sculpture: the “Frame Construction”


Frames with a view between Kassels's Friedrichsplatz and the Karlsaue park landscape

A scenic stairway, the Gustav-Mahler-Treppe with views of Kassel's Karlsaue parkscape, is meandering down from the Friedrichsplatz plateau to the Orangery. At the upper end of the stairway you will find the “Frame Construction” designed by Haus-Rucker-Co and installed for the documenta 6 exhibition in 1977. This art object, called “Rahmenbau” in German, demonstrates selective vision and aspects of perceptual theory, which can be experienced by walking in front of the larger frame and looking through it or by entering the framework structure to stand between the two frames and view the scenery through either one. Here, you are invited to take pictures guided by picture frames. And other people may capture you in the middle of picture frames. Kassel invites you to enjoy the way viewpoints and frames assemble and broaden the cognitive mosaic of our world.
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