Rim to Reno Regional Trail System: Exploring the Mount Rose Wilderness

Explore Reno-Tahoe and beyond
Mount Tallac skyline range

South side of Mount Rose in October 2013 Tamarack Peak Waterfall
Mt. Rose, Carson Range Tamarack Peak Waterfall

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The Rim to Reno trail project got underway in 2010 and has now been realized: the Rim to Reno Trail connects the Mount Rose Summit Trailhead at the Mount Rose State Scenic Byway (Highway 431) with the Thomas Creek Trailhead at the end of Timberline Drive.

Let's use the acronym RtR for Rim to Reno, since R2R already stands for a Rim to Rim path of the Grand Canyon. The total length of the RtR trail adds up to 21.0 or 23.4 miles, depending on whether you consider the shorter South Loop Route or the longer North Loop Route.

The Rim to Reno Regional Trail System, shown in the map above, integrates trails of the Mount Rose Wilderness—such as the Mt. Rose Trail—with trails in the Galena Creek Regional Park and beyond. On the rim-side, the RtR trail coincides with the Tahoe Rim Trail (TRT) between the Tamarack Peak Waterfall and the Tahoe Meadows trails including the Interpretive Loop and—further southwest—the Loop Trail System and the upper end of the Ophir Creek Trail.