The Davis-Covell Greenbelt connects neighborhoods and community parks in the northern part of the City of Davis with each other and with playgrounds as well as fitness and nature study areas. It is a popular outdoors destination for residents and visitors of Davis. The well-planned, parklike belt is used by joggers, bicyclists, dog walkers, hikers and inline skaters [1-3].

The greenbelt features a loop trail of 2.7 miles. Coming from the pedestrian bridge overpassing W. Covell Blvd., one gets onto the loop at the playground in Covell Park. After about one mile—doing the loop clockwise—several bronze sculptures will be encountered. The first sculpture presents a dog on a tricycle, letting his red tongue all hang out while racing around. The next sculpture is a dog at play and the final one features a dog chasing a turkey. The sculptures were commissioned by the City of Davis within its Art in Public Places Program and crafted by artist Jean Van Keuren, who is known for many other bronze installations in public places [4].

Dog sculpture: Dog chasing Turkey

Dog looking at a turkey, which
is not seen in the picture

Dog sculpture: Dog on Trike

Dog on Trike racing through
the greenbelt splendor

Further north one finds a short nature walk, before getting to Northstar Park, which includes a flood protection pond. This Julie Partansky Pond is part of a storm drain system. The pond and the surrounding wetland area provides wildlife habitat. According to an information board, over 50 wildlife species make the pond their home. American bullfrog and mosquitofish live in the pond. Mailard, American coot, Canada goose, egrets, herons, stilts and avocets are living and nesting in the wetlands. The area is also visited by migratory waterbirds such as canvasback, American widgeon, ruddy duck and snow goose. The picture below shows the short boardwalk trail to a platform at the pond, from where one may view waterfowl.

South of Northstar Park, the loop trail passes the asian-themed Huei Young's home and gardens, which have been the site of various events in a Feng-Shui-inspired atmosphere [5]. Continuing on for another quarter mile, one gets back into Covell Park with its leisure amenities.
Platform at Northstar Pond

Getting to the Davis-Covell Greenbelt
On Highway 113 between Interstate 80 and Interstate 5 (between Davis and Woodland) take the West Covell Boulevard exit and drive east on W. Covell Blvd. until you underpass a pedestrian bridge after about three miles. Turn right after the bridge, find parking, and walk over the bridge to get to Covell Park.
The Greenbelt is located north of Central Davis, from where you have different options to get onto W. Covell Blvd. Going north on F Street, for example, turn left onto W. Covell Blvd. and left again just before the pedestrian bridge. The loop trail begins (and ends) about 1,000 feet north of this overpass.
The greenbelt is nicely integrated with the adjacent neighborhoods, from which nearly every has an entrance to it.

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