Lassen Volcanic National Park, northeastern California

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Conic shape of Lassen Peak seen from the south
Pin Lassen Peak
Lassen waterfalls: Kings Creek Falls Overlook
Pin Kings Creek Falls
Lassen Peak /Kings Creek Falls Overlook
Bumpass Hell Chaos Crags north-facing slope
Boardwalking a hydrothermal area: Bumpass Hell
Pin Bumpass Hell
Chaos Crags north-facing slope above Crags Lake
Pin Chaos Crags

Lassen Volcanic National Park, called Lassen Volcanic for short, is located near the northern end of the Sierra Nevada, where the Cascade Range is taking over the Pacific Crest and the south-to-north chain of mountain wilderness areas: Lassen Peak, a plug dome volcano, is the southern-most volcano in the Cascade Range.

Dormant Lassen Peak—assuming that its eruptions between 1914 and 1917 were not the last violent events—is surrounded by features resulting from its recent outbursts and also by an active volcanic landscape including Bumpass Hell's treacherous crustscape around boiling water pools, mudpots and stinking fumaroles.

Visitors to Lassen Volcanic are attracted by its otherworldly sites; but also come to enjoy breathtaking views, learn about the park's human and natural history, and hike to lakes and waterfalls.