A historic site in the Granite Chief Wilderness: Whiskey Creek Camp

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Whiskey Creek Camp

Whiskey Creek Camp
Whiskey Creek Camp, a remnant of the Basque sheepherder's days, hidden in the
Granite Chief Wilderness, Sierra Nevada, California (July 2014)

Whiskey Creek Camp is a historic site located in the Granite Chief Wilderness. The site lays hidden 0.4 miles off the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), west of the Five Lakes Basin. The historic structures are found in a forest setting above the west bank of Whiskey Creek: the buildings include a bunkhouse, storage shed and a roofed stove—reminescent of a Hansel & Gretel stage set-up.

Whiskey Creek Camp is a former Basque sheepherder's camp (see, for example, DonsNotes).

A posted notice says:

No Camping inside or within 250 feet of structures to protec cultural values. Restore the site. And Allow all visitors to enjoy the cabins.

There are nice camping sites nearby. During my visit I met equestrians there, who enjoyed the old camp and the shade under the trees surrounding the haunted looking site.

Getting to Whiskey Creek Camp from the 5LKS Trailhead
The Five Lakes (5LKS) Trailhead is located next to Alpine Meadows Road, about two miles west from where Alpine Meadows Road meets Highway 89 between Truckee and Tahoe City. A stiff climb to Five Lakes basin takes you to a junction with a signpost directing you to the Pacific Crest Trail and Whiskey Creek Camp—about 2.5 miles from the Alpine Meadows Road trailhead. It takes a half-mile hike to reach the PCT. Hike the northbound PCT for 0.6 miles to its junction with Whiskey Creek Trail. The signpost shows the direction to Whiskey Creek Camp and Diamond Crossing. Hike downhill into Whiskey Creek for 0.4 miles, cross the creek and find yourself at the camp.