How to revive an exhausted camel?

Wilfred Thesiger together with a group of Bedu companions crossed the Empty Quarter in Saudi Arabia a second time in the late forties of the 20th century. He reports of sand dunes that were about 500 feet high. Their heavily loaded camels had to go up and down the slopes. He writes [1]:
We stopped after nine hours when the camels could go no farther, again cooking a quick meal before sunset, and eating in the dark after Sadr, who had been watching our tracks, had joined us. For the first time on this journey there was a heavy dew. We slept fitfully, jerking to wakefulness whenever a camel stirred. It was fine and clear when we started again at sunrise. Two hours later one of the baggage camels lay down and refused to move, until...

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... the camel was revived. How?
[1] Wilfred Thesiger: Arabian Sands (1959). Reprinted in Penguin Travel Library, 1991;
page 236.

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