Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park
Missing link (*) at a wall in the Berlin Ichthyosaur State Park in Nevada

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Once you have found a missing link it's not missing anymore. Links to the past are as interesting as links to the future. And then there are all these current links—pointing to nature, science and diverse archives with data and knowledge. It's fun to find and construct new associations.

My Chemistry
Chemistry is the study of links, not missing but sometimes mysterious! They come, for example, in the form of bonds, reaction pathways and citations in the chemical literature. Graph theory it is, what is behind all the smoke, smell, smectics and smart materials. Admittedly, there is a little bit more ...

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My current projects include the CurlySMILES Project and work related to molecular similarity, estimation methods for chemical compounds and mixtures and data extraction from the ThermoML Archive. The focus is on sustainable chemistry providing advanced and environmentally friendly materials and processes.

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Axel Drefahl

Last modified: March 1, 2012
(*) The reptile is a Shonisaurus, a late Triassic ichthyosaur. Actually, it is questionable how much of a missing link Shonisaurus is. Shonisaurus links to evolving reptile forms or species that were more aquatic but which died out after the Triassic. This way, it does not link to any species living in the present. However, I like the thought of linking Nevada of today with the deep ocean of the past.